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We should all have good knowledge about our cultural heritage. This is what identifies us and makes us unique from others. Our cultural values and beliefs shape us and affect our lifestyles. Nowadays, due to globalization, many people are losing their cultural heritage and values. It is important to preserve these for the current and future generations.

This magazine is about promoting and protecting cultural heritage. Here the readers will learn about organizations that work towards this goal. The organizations have projects in different countries for creating awareness about archiving significant historical sites and preserving the culture.

Many people volunteer to work in these organizations and help in preserving their unique cultural heritage. If you have worked in such an organization, then you can write for our magazine. We want our readers to know how historical sites and cultural heritage are archived and maintained.

We want to inform the readers what important roles the museums play in preserving a particular culture or historical site. The readers will know how to protect the cultural heritage and the artifacts from any damage.

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By writing to us, you will get the chance to earn extra money. You can become an established writer in the niche too as our magazine is very popular. More readers will know you and you can get better opportunities to right in other magazines too.

Initially, we will hire you as a guest writer. But once we are satisfied with your writing skills, we will make you a permanent member of our team.

You need to follow some strict guidelines to write for us. You should make sure that the articles are plagiarism-free and don’t exceed 800 words. You should use effective keywords in the articles and make the title interesting. The paragraphs must be short so that it’s easy to read. Please include relevant images with the articles.

To apply for the post, you need to send your CV along with a sample of your writing. Once we approve it, you can start writing for us. For more information about the position, please contact us.