Activities To Promote Awareness Of Cultural Heritage Preservation

Each country has its cultural heritage, and they are taking necessary steps to preserve them. Several projects are carried out by the local authorities to raise awareness about cultural heritage preservation. Here we are going to discuss some of these projects carried out in different countries.

Festival Culturel De Tshangu

This festival gives the Congolese people the opportunity to promote cultural diversity. They get the chance to showcase their traditions and customs to the world. This facilitates mutual respect and provides an understanding of ethnic diversity in Congo.

Maasai Mara

The Maasai tribe in Kenya is popular because they have preserved their culture. They live in the Narok and Kajiado districts of Kenya. The goal of this project is to protect and conserve this site by setting up youth camps.

It can become a sustainable environment where people can live together. The project helps to empower community cooperation and teamwork. It prepares the leaders and the young people in the community to meet future challenges.

Tulou – World Heritage Preservation

This project is carried out in China by DreamWalker China, an organization that believes that everyone should make a positive change in society through voluntary activities. Tulou are the Chinese rural structures built between the 12th and 20th centuries by the Hakka people.

They believed in the relationship between nature and people, so they built these dwellings in a sustainable and energy-efficient way using local materials. But due to the expansion of cities, new structures are built around Tulous, ignoring the environment. This project protects and promotes Tulou and sustainable tourism in this region.

Mountain people: Food, body, and language

The organization RUCHI has come up with this project. The organization is working in more than 100 villages surrounded by mountains. The project takes place in Himachal Pradesh in India. This project aims to preserve and promote the ancient practices and traditions of the mountain people.

This has given them a unique identity; however, they are often threatened by western influences and globalization. The project promotes local food, cooking techniques, outfits, and traditions that are followed by the village people. The village people here are still holding on to their beliefs and traditions, thus promoting cultural heritage.


Moirax is a nice village in Agen city, France. Its natural beauty is breathtaking. The village promotes tourism while preserving its cultural heritage. Various restoration works were conducted here to preserve the original architecture of the buildings. Volunteers work to rebuild the damaged parts to preserve the heritage.

These projects are aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of different parts of the world. This helps to protect our unique identity. The projects will make the young people proud of their local cultural heritage.