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People should be proud of their cultural heritage. Today globalization often leads to the wiping out of the traditional culture. But some associations are working to preserve the cultural heritage.

Recently a news anchor from New Zealand named Orinni Kaipara made headlines when she appeared on TV with the traditional lower chin tattoo that is worn by Maori women. She recently found out that she belonged to that tribal group and didn’t hesitate to show her identity.

The Maori tattoo represents social status and family heritage. No matter which ethnic background you come from, it is important to feel proud of it and preserve the tradition for the next generation.

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This magazine is about protecting and creating awareness of cultural heritage. Here you will know why digital archives of historically significant sites are maintained or artifacts are kept in museums.

UNESCO has marked many sites of historical significance, and steps have been taken to preserve the structures in their original form. They are trying to find out the tradition, customs, and culture of those places so that they can present to the world how people lived there during the old times.

On this site, you will know about associations that are working to create awareness for promoting and preserving cultural heritage. These organizations often come up with projects and events to promote cultural diversity and create awareness about it.

You will know about the importance of cultural diversity and the benefits it can bring to society. The articles will help you to understand why digital archives are maintained today and how it is done. You will learn how museums all over the world are contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage.

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