Catholic Archivist Group


Who We Are

We are a group of archivists committed to maintaining and promoting the archives of Religious Institutes, Dioceses and Catholic Institutions in order to preserve the social heritage of all of its members.

The main thrust of the Catholic Archivist Group is that of mutual encouragement and support and to keep before all relevant authorities and groups the importance and significance of our Archives.

We follow the terms of reference of professional archival guidelines in Canada, Canon Law, the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, as well as pertinent government legislation.


What We Do

The Functions of the Catholic Archivist Group are:

  1. To provide education programs and workshops for those involved in archival work in areas defined as needed by the members but not duplicating professional training opportunities offered in national, provincial or local areas;
  2. To provide a mechanism for the exchange and distribution of information among archivists;
  3. To provide a forum where relevant issues impacting on the spiritual, cultural and social affairs of the members can be addressed;
  4. To gather and disseminate information regarding the professional care of archives;
  5. To provide an opportunity for projects to be initiated, developed and implemented among the members;
  6. To act in an advisory capacity to those in administration in the organization in which the members work; and
  7. To offer our services to the wider public as they explore the religious dimension of our Canadian cultural and historic heritage.

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