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December 2020 Newsletter

Sister Loretta Gaffney, RHSJ, Project Grant Application Guidelines

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Mission Statement

We, the members of the Catholic Archivist Group are committed to maintaining and promoting the archives of Religious Institutes, Dioceses and Catholic Institutions, in order to preserve the spiritual and social heritage of all its members.

The Catholic Archivist Group, established in 2004, is rooted in the Canadian Religious Conference of Ontario (CRC-O) Archivist Group, which was established in 1982.

The main purpose of the Catholic Archivist Group is for the mutual support of its members.  We offer educational and networking opportunities for our members, as well as advice and services to the administration of our organizations, and to the wider public as the need and opportunity arises.  We keep before all relevant authorities and associations, the historical significance of our archival stewardship.

By committing ourselves to the ongoing support of our members, and to the mission of raising the profile of Catholic Archives and by being faithful to Canon Law, the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Catholic Church and pertinent government legislation, we are protecting and preserving the historical heritage they embody for future generations.

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